Fall 2018 Seminar

The next in-house seminar will tentatively be held in November 2018 depending on received attendance interests. We expect to finalize the dates by end of August, 2018. If you are interested in attending the seminar, please fill out the form below to help us estimate the number of attendees. We will use your information solely for attendance estimation and electronic communication regarding seminar dates.

Number of people attending from same company or agency

Ensoft, Inc. is proud to offer periodic seminars and workshops on the theory, general design and construction methods of deep foundations. The lectures are interacted with detailed descriptions and practical applications on the use of several software products offered by Ensoft.

In-house seminars at Ensoft's facilities in Austin, Texas, have been offered with great success since 2003. In-house seminars are typically offered annually or biannually depending on the amount of interest shown by clients, with minimum of 10 seats and maximum of 20 seats. The final program of upcoming seminars may change slightly based on requests from registered participants.

In many occasions Ensoft has offered off-site presentations of its short course. This is normally considered in cases when a company has six or more employees interested in training or when the dates are not adequate. Please contact us for more details.


Type One-day Two-day Three-day
Individual Early ?
$570 $820 $1060
Standard ?
$690 $1000 $1290
Group ?
Early ?
$530 $760 $990
Standard ?
$640 $930 $1200
Listed costs include the following