Advanced Tool For Engineering Nonlinear Analysis

ATENA is a finite element based software designed specifically for the analysis of reinforced concrete. With ATENA users can simulate the actual behavior of concrete structures, including concrete cracking, crushing, and yielding of the reinforcement thereby producing a more accurate prediction of load carrying capacity. Additionally, ATENA provides a unique run-time environment, allowing users to see this behavior in real time, as the structure is being analyzed.

Shear beam modeling — Comparing numerical and experimental data


User-friendly graphical environment allows users to build up structures including complex reinforcement arrangements. Reinforcement bonding and slip can be altered. Also supported is the modelling of prestressing and external cables. Existing structures, multi-story frames, bridges, tunnel segments, containment structures, wind turbine foundations, complex connections and anchorage, prestressed member’s, and much more, are capable of being modelled and analyzed in ATENA.
Complex structural connections (steel beams to concrete slab) with discrete reinforcement modeled
Containment structure — displaced model with cracks shown
Containment structure — displaced model of reinforcement cage including stress contours of reinforcing bars


Static, Dynamic, Creep, Thermal, Moisture, Fatigue, and Seismic analyses are all supported in ATENA along with several advanced solution methods and solvers. Advanced/non-linear material models (concrete, steel, rock, soil, and masonry) are then used to accurately model the properties of the structure. Designed specifically for analysis of concrete, ATENA can automatically generate the required concrete properties based on standard material test procedures. ATENA also includes options for the analysis of modern fiber reinforced concrete materials: SHCC, ECC, HPRFC, UHPFRC, as well as fiber wrapping and lamellas.

Modern material applications — FRP Wrap (solid model shown at left, and cracking shown at right)


Mesh the geometry with brick, tetra, or wedge elements-low or high order. Additional beam and shell elements aide in the analysis of large scale structures. 2D and 3D Interface elements, as well as 2D axisymmetric elements are also supported.

Multi-story frame — 1D beam and 2D shells (displacement contour shown)
Bridge structure — 3D beam, shell, and solid elements

Analyze & Display

The unique runtime environment allows visualization of results in real-time. Users can see crack developments, and contoured results as the analysis progresses. Monitoring points can be defined to produce desired output curves (ex. load vs displacement). 3D cuts can also produce internal moments, normal forces, and shear displays. Parallel processing is supported and provides a 3-4x reduction in computation times.

Runtime analysis video — precast beam showing load vs. displacement, cracking with magnified displacement, and stress contours on reinforcement

Environmental/moisture analysis — output shown on cutting plane
Bridge structure — multiple output displays including moment and shear diagrams