KeyCreator Analysis

KeyCreator Analysis is a next generation, general purpose multi-physics finite element analysis program that provides fast and accurate true-multi-physic results, coupled with the simplicity and speed of Direct CAD Modeling from KeyCreator. The program uses a simple, user-friendly interface designed for engineers or the FEA novice, while also allowing FEA experts the ability and advanced functionality to handle large complex problems with both computation speed and accuracy.

SEFEA Technology

KeyCreator Analysis uses a breakthrough mesh generation technology called Sefea (Strain Enriched Finite Element Analysis), which is an advanced solving technique that allows the user to obtain accurate results from coarse low order elements. Sefea Technology speeds up processing time and reduces the memory requirements without compromising results.

True Multi-threading

Unlike most thread-safe legacy solvers, the KeyCreator Analysis Solver is a multi-threaded designed solver and was designed specifically with multiple CPU/Core in mind. Users can take full advantage of multi-processor machines and drastically reduce the computation time. In other words, the more processors that are added, the faster KeyCreator Analysis works!

Automatic Contact Definitions

The contact boundary condition within KeyCreator Analysis has the capability to automatically determine the interfaces between multiple bodies and surfaces within a model, saving the user from large, tedious, and time-consuming boundary condition definitions.

Time Saving

With KeyCreator Analysis, the user has a full package of design and analysis tools (CAD to FEA) at their fingertips in one single interface. There is no need to waste time switching between pre- and post-processors, saving valuable time during design/analysis iterations, especially as file sizes grow with complexity. Coupled with KeyCreator Direct CAD, the user has the ability to make changes to the models seamlessly, and re-perform an analysis to investigate the effects of those changes.


The advanced solver in KeyCreator Analysis was built from the ground up, with multi-physics problems specifically in mind. Accelerations, Rotations, Mechanical (Force/Pressure), Thermal, and Electrical loadings can all be handled by KeyCreator Analysis in its true multi-physics environment. Linear and complex non-linear material properties in, static, dynamic, modal, buckling, or frequency analyses can also be handled with ease, including those with large deformations.

DirectCAD Compatibility

Often times in FE-analysis the user has to sacrifice 3D modeling tools and capabilities as more advanced FEA programs are not as capable or effective at 3D modeling, or they are not as intuitive to use. No Longer! With KeyCreator Analysis, the user gets all of the benefits of an advanced FEA tool, with a world class 3D-Direct CAD program. KeyCreator is recognized as a pioneer of 3D Direct modeling and editing. As KeyCreator Direct Cad is not-history based (as traditional CAD tools are), the user can create and modify almost any geometry without constraints or rebuilding errors.