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  6. Ensoft will call you back to confirm your order and for payment information.
Orders must be prepaid by either check, C.O.D., American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or wire transfer. Shipping costs are additional and not included in the price list. Additional information may be obtained by emailing our support staff, telephoning 512/244-6464, or telefaxing 512/244-6067. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices in U.S. Dollars.

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1. Fee of $30 applies to exchange of existing keys when upgrading old software.
2. Call or email us for pricing of lost or stolen USB keys (also see note below).
3. New or exchange USB keys only available for users that are within yearly maintenance.
LPILE 2016 1,000oo
Upgrade from LPILE Plus 5.0650oo
Upgrade from LPILE Plus 4.0820oo
Upgrade from all other LPILE900oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 150/280
GROUP 2016 1,800oo
Upgrade from GROUP 7.0 1,000oo
Upgrade from GROUP 6.01,320oo
Upgrade from all other GROUP1,620oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 270/500
SHAFT 2012850oo
Upgrade from SHAFT 6.0 350oo
Upgrade from SHAFT 5.0580oo
Upgrade from all other SHAFT750oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 130/240
APILE 2015 850oo
Upgrade from APILE Plus 5.0410oo
Upgrade from APILE Plus 4.0580oo
Upgrade from all other APILE750oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 130/240
APILE 2015 (Offshore Version) 1,250oo
Upgrade from APILE 5.0 (Offshore)600oo
Upgrade from APILE Plus 4.0 (Win)850oo
Upgrade from all other APILE1,100oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2/Add Seat) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 190/350/100
TZPILE 2014850oo
Upgrade from TZPILE 2.0400oo
Upgrade from TZPILE 1.0750oo
TZPILE 2014 (APILE/SHAFT users)500oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 130/240
STABLPRO 2015580oo
Upgrade from STABLPRO 3.0 250oo
Upgrade from STABLPRO 2.0 350oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 90/170

PYWALL 2015 850oo
Upgrade from PYWALL 3.0400oo
Upgrade from PYWALL 2.0650oo
Upgrade from PYWALL 1.0750oo
PYWALL 2015 (for current LPILE users)510oo
Yearly maintenance fee (Single/Net2) - Reference Only(a)(b)(c) 130/240
DynaPile 2.0 for Windows 1,490oo
DynaMat 1.0 for Windows 1,490oo
DynaN 3.0 for Windows 2,900oo
LPA 3.0 for Windows 490oo
Upgrade from LPA 2.0100oo
ENSOFT Dynamics Suite
(DynaPile, DynaMat, DynaN)
GEOMAT v2014 for Windows 1,450oo
FASTSEEP 2.0 for Windows1,200oo
SETOFF 3.0 for Windows 590oo
Upgrade from SETOFF 2.0 (Win)150oo
UTEXAS4 & TexGraf4 for Win. (*)2,250oo
(* Software product from Shinoak Software).
New Distribution Price
GRLWEAP 2010 for Windows (*)1,160oo
Upgrade from GRLWEAP 2005580oo
GRLWEAP 2010 Offshore+Wave5,000oo
(* Software product from Goble, Rausche, Likins & Associates).
PILEGPW for Windows 495oo
BorinGS for Windows (*)295oo
(* Software product from Gookin Software).
WinUnits 2995
Single Piles and Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading (2nd Edition), book by L.C. Reese & W.F. VanImpe (A.A.Balkema, 2011)
Hardcover Version130oo
Analysis and Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations, book by L.C. Reese, W.M. Isenhower & S.T. Wang (Wiley, Nov. 2005)
Hardcover Version130oo
(a) Purchase price of full software or upgrade includes maintenance for the first year.
(b) Maintenance renewals have fees & small price increases with time after expiration. Call Ensoft or email our sales staff with your USB Serial Number for pricing of renewal.
(c) A special discount of 15% is offered when renewing maintenances for 3 years or when purchasing/upgrading along with 2 years of additional maintenance.

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